Thursday, May 31, 2007

Microsoft: Kicking Ass, Taking Pictures...

...and doing some really cool shite with them. WTF seems to have taken a turn for the tech; which I suppose is to be expected given all the paradigm shifting going on at D5 – two of which (shfting paradigms, that is) I just got turned on to today. [Thanx to Kit and John G, respectively. – Ed.]

The first is Microsoft’s stunning new touch-top, ‘coffee table’ display called, Surface. [Yes, please. – Ed.] More videos in this article from Popular

The other, an application called Photosynth that aggregates web-based images (think, flickr) like never before – producing a whole that is vastly greater than the sum of it’s parts. You’ve got to watch the demo to truly appreciate how (r)evolutionary, awe-inspiring and powerful Photosynth is. It’s also worth watching this presentation of Photosynth’s capabilities. (By way of TED.)

[Apparently the photo up top is a legit look at Microsoft circa 1978. – Ed.]


Sanity said...

I love that MS pic. A common version has the copy "Microsoft 1978. Would you have invested?". Maybe after years of trying, Microsoft is actually able to execute an Apple play. Btw, when is the head to head interview with Jobs/Gates? That was supposed to happen this week.

Chris said...

Happened last night apparently. Video excerpts here and here.