Saturday, May 26, 2007

Print is dead! Long live print!

If print is dead, I guess that makes me a necrophiliac of sorts.

The above photo is fifteen of the magazines to which I currently have subscriptions. (I’m under the impression that I may be forgetting/missing one or two.) So, as much as I dig all things virtual and am now an active participant in digital publishing, I’ve clearly got a thing for words and pictures on paper that I’m not going to let go of anytime soon.

However, for all the significant love I have for the medium, it is a labor of love at times. Due to major life commitments that I won't go into here, the subs sort of piled up this month. It’s going to be a real challenge to get through all of them much less pass on anything of interest/value to you. [Beyond the Radar/VF bit. – Ed.]

So, I thought I’d try something different. If anyone has read any of the pubs listed below, or any other pubs for that matter, and have any articles, features, &c. to recommend – please, post a comment to this post and let us know.

So, here they are with links to their respective online iterations – many of which are great destinations in their own right.
[Two sites require paid subs – noted with ‘$’. – Ed.]

Print is still alive! Long live the Internet?!

Rolling Stone
Vanity Fair
Fast Company
Game Informer
Advertising Age $
Creativity $

[UPDATE: I knew I’d forgotten one or two a few. Here are those that didn't make the pic. – Ed.]
The Believer
print [How could I have forgotten?!? It’s name is in the title of the post!]
Giant [I actually hate what, Smokey D. Fontaine, did to this once great pub when he took it over – he turned it into an ego-driven (his), sycophantic, piece of hip-hop drivel trying to masquerade as ‘empowered’ substance. I'm letting my sub run out. /End rant.]
Travel+Leisure [I accidentaly subscribed through some AmEx mailing or other but after initially being pissed off realized I like the pub alot. Great articles, writing, photography and design.]

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