Friday, May 4, 2007

Dirty Dancing

Hol and I were greeted by the above poster posted all over the agency this morning. The brain bastard of Travis (Sr. Copy Writer) and Toby (Sr. Art Director), the idea was that people would phone in their ‘love song’ requests to DJ Travis who would then page them to the agency. But we all know what can happen when you put your brand (and a good idea) in the hands of the consumer – it can go viral. And viral it went. Everyone has been getting in on the act and paging their own requests. We've heard it all; from the requisite nod to the source material to some that are taking the ‘dirty’ seriously.

And contrary to the poster, this isn't how we're crafting the playlist for the wedding.


Tim said...

That poster is worth framing. Creepy but hilarious.

Chris said...

I'd like to say my head isn't really that big but my arms are. Sadly, the inverse is true.