Friday, May 18, 2007

Take a picture, it'll last longer.

[Blogger seems to be having some posting issues tonight. I hope it doesn’t give anyone any viewing issues. – Ed.]

Somehow, between the two of us we only managed to take six pictures today. And of those six, three were almost identical shots Holly took for some unknown reason of the Pont au Change. The other three? Three nearly identical shots I took of the front of our hotel while outside having a smoke and waiting for Holly to come down this morning. [We’re the two windows with ivy at left. – Ed.] So, we really only took two pictures today!

And nothing for the Self-Portrait Series! So, here's one from yesterday, it’s the ‘nightcap with cheese’ mentioned in yesterday’s post. The shot up top is the opposite view – a wee dude exiting the metro with a cello strapped on. We were sitting at a brasserie on the NE corner of the Pl. St.-Michel – right outside the metro entrance/exit – and doing some ‘people watching’.

As for our day today – we basically spent the day shopping in Le Marais. [I can’t remember if I gave a Wiki link for Le Marais in a previous post – if not, it’s right here. However, I can’t seem to find a site that has a comprehesive listing of the many, many great shops that are collected in this neighborhood. – Ed.] [Update: Good (but, still by no means comprehensive) Le Marais shops/restaurants link here. – Ed.]

We had reservations for dinner at Brasserie Flo. However, while Hol was still getting ready I started looking up reviews and couldn’t find a single good review of the food and we began to have different reservations all together. But it was when I came across this, from Zagat, “the reputation is better than the food”, that we cancelled our reservations, made new ones, hopped in a taxi and went to Tan Dinh instead. It was great and close enough that we could walk home. [We actually took a route through the streets on the way home as opposed to the route marked that we took in the taxi on the way there. – Ed.]

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