Wednesday, May 30, 2007

More Google Maps Love: Street View

Yesterday Google launched another amazing new feature for Google Maps. It’s called Street View and it is exactly that: it puts you in the map and on the street with 360º walk-through capability. It is another truly sensational addition to what is already a very sweet killer app. The only bummer (For me anyway)? At the moment it’s only available for San Francisco, Denver, Las Vegas, Miami and NYC. Read more about it and/or check out the demo.

[Thanx to Diego for the tip. – Ed.]


Sanity said...

Awesome! With Google leveraging user-generated content a la Wikipedia, it won't be long before remote destinations will be offered in street view. Bring on Terre Haute!

Chris said...

Yes, bring it. I'm ready to be able to do a virutal drive by of our house and look into the bedroom window without having to get up on a ladder.