Wednesday, May 30, 2007

What I’m listening to. Right now.

Atlas from the Battles album Mirrored. I knew nothing about these guys until driving one day I flipped over to Left of Center (Gotta love LoC on Sirius!) and I almost had to stop the car. I was mesmerized by the FutureSexyRobotRock I issuing from the speakers and absolutely had to make sure I got the track and group before it ended. I did. And as soon as I got home I DLed Mirrored. Fantastic (In every sense of the word.), trippy, electro-organic art-math-exprimental-rock, Battles is a group pushing the boundaries of what exactly ‘Rock’ is.

Check out this live performance of Leyendecker too – good stuff.
[On second thought – don’t. The quality is shite. Sorry. – Ed.]

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