Monday, May 28, 2007

Google Earth Is F*cking Cool.

During our trip to Paris I used Google Maps quite a bit to locate shops, restaurants, galleries, etc. that we wanted to visit. Just today, I figured out what the My Maps feature (f*cking cool in its own right) was all about and began to make a map of the places we visited on our trip (beginning with the restaurants and our hotel) for my Mom to referrence when she’s in Paris in a couple of weeks.

While I was making this map I noticed a button just above the map labeled, ‘KML’. Intrigued, I clicked it and a file was produced and downloaded to my desktop labeled with the title of my map, Paris, and the suffix, .kml. Having no idea what a .kml file was, I clicked it. No luck – “Application not found”. So, I googled, “What is .kml?” and found this. I immediately proceeded to download Google Earth and have been zooming around Paris and St. Louis ever since. A deeply interactive virtual globe, Google Earth is a genuinely amazing resource, tool and toy.

Here is a user created demonstration of some of the capability – an 8 minute tour around the globe.


meredith said...

Do you ever sleep? seriously, I have really enjoyed reading about all your adventures in Paris and at home . . you are a natural blogger.


Chris said...

Thanx, Meredith. Yeah, this was a late night. But Google Earth is just that f*cking cool!

Sanity said...

I have to agree. Chris has really come into his own in the Blogosphere.

Chris said...

Alright you two, let's break this up – what does any of this have to do with this post?

[Thanx. – Ed.]