Monday, May 21, 2007

Exit... Stage Left.

[Which is an excellent live double album by Canadian power trio, Rush. By the way. – Ed.]

Last day. And we had a fantastic time! Best. Honeymoon. Ever.

Great day. [Today we’re going to play, Cherchez La Tour Eiffel. – Ed.]

Great lunch. Amazingly good salads at Le petit café, a little place we came upon in the 5th behind the Pantheon.

Great dinner. At yet another of my old spots – Maison du Gyros. The best gyros in Paris. Worth it, even if the dudes are a little Soup Nazi-esque; “Eets’ self-service!”. At Holly’s request it was our last dinner in Paris.

We did a bunch of other stuff, but that’s it for now. [Make sure we tell you about that last image. Stunning piece of art in a great show in the Jardin du LuxembourgEd.] Gotta pack! We’ll tell you everything when we get back.

‘Olly! Allons nous!

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