Thursday, May 24, 2007


So, I’ve decided to kill of the shortlived Tuesday collection of weekly media consumed and instead just post when inspired by a given piece of media.

Today I got the chance to start going through this month’s magazines and decided to start with Radar. I am damn glad this mag made it. Their brief hiatus immediately after I’d subscribed pissed me off a bit, but they’ve come back stronger in every way. [So far so good but it’s still bi-monthly – I’ll be happier about when it goes monthly. – Ed.] If you like your “pop•politics•scandal•style”, smart and snarky then this is your mag. It’s the best thing to happen to pop-cult pubs since the demise of Spy almost ten years ago. [Note: Spy co-founder E. Graydon Carter is the current editor of another favorite pub, Vanity Fair. Read Londonistan Calling from this month’s iss. – Ed.]

Radar also has an robust and engaging web presence, RadarOnline, that doesn’t simply recycle the hardcopy’s content.

And, Radar has a great weekly email, The Radar Report to keep you jacked in with the latest updates.

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