Friday, June 1, 2007

Obey Shepard Fairey!

Seriously. The mastermind behind the Obey Giant ‘empire’ never ceases to impress.

I’m moving offices here at work and while going through my shite I ‘discovered’ two Shepard Fairey prints I’d forgotten I’d purchased. [Gives you and idea of how out of control my office had become. – Ed.] This prompted me to take a spin by the site and I was once again blown away by his new [To me. – Ed.] work and his unmatched aesthetic. The new stuff takes the U.S. currency influence he’s incorporated for a number of years and dials it in very literally and elegantly – fitting for pieces that are, in his words, “a comment on U.S. economic and cultural imperialism.”

Here’s the one at top ‘inked’.

[I just can’t let go of Paris. Every morning when I opened the window of our room I'd be greeted by The Giant. The only picture I can find with him is here. – Ed.]

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