Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Daily Show... Global Edition.

So, as I ease out of the Paris theme (It will end soon, I promise), it appears I’m moving into a globe theme (If two posts a theme make).

One night after returning to our room weary from another day hoofing it around Paris, while I blogged, Hol thought she’d turn on the TV to “...see what French TV looks like.” Well, French TV, that night at least, looked like this and this. Apparently there was a martial arts expo going on at the Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy, or Bercy, as it’s known.

So, after we’d caught the Capoeira performance we switched over to CNN International to see what U.S. TV looked like when you’re not in the U.S.A. Well, ‘American’ TV basically looked like this. [Meaning, at the moment we changed the channel, it looked like The Daily Show. (In the small screen in the middle of the linked page.) – Ed.] Because it was The Daily Show. The Daily Show Global Edition to be specific. The Daily Show being one of our favorite shows (we catch it almost every night) we watched the whole show pleasantly surprised.

And, I was also strangely pleased to know that the rest of the world got to see this facet of America. The smart, funny America – something to provide some small balance to any impression the world may have of us as delusional, sociopathic, buffoons.

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