Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The WTF Paris Bureau is closed.

Just a quick post from the Home Office about something I’d forgotten about our trip. [And it’s this week’s mini-SUEB(AED). – Ed.]

On our way over, Hol and I we’re having a snack at the Wolfgang Puck Express across from our gate during our brief layover at O’Hare [As opposed to our four hour layover on the way back. – Ed.] when who should walk in? Amy Winehouse. If you don’t have her latest album, Back to Black, do yourself a favor – believe the hype and get it. Even if you were trying to stay off the bandwagon. Tears Dry On Their Own, my current fav off the album, is over there on the left as this week’s misnamed Tuesday Track. [For some reason it has a few seconds of silence – so wait for it. – Ed.] [UPDATE: See this post to see/hear Amy. – Ed.]

Oh, and while you’re at it, pick up Regina Spektor’s latest, Begin to Hope. It’s great too and she hasn’t received nearly the hype AW has.

These two ladies provided the soundtrack for our trip.

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