Thursday, May 17, 2007


Okay, let’s see...

We woke up late. Twelve twenty to be exact – apparently jet lag and two days of non-stop hoofing it around Paris finally caught up with us. But not to worry! We quickly rallied and have just now returned from another solid 10 hour day – we are both having a truly wonderful time.

However, we did dial down the pace a bit today. We decided to do ‘leisurely stroll’. So, we crossed over to the île Saint Louis and headed for the little neighborhood just NE of Notre Dame and, with a taste for quiche and crêpes we tracked down another great little find – Les Gourmands de L'Ile on rue St. Louis en L'Ile – which fulfilled on both counts exquisitely. We then proceed to stroll along that street for an hour or two shopping its boutiques. Holly finally got her shop on. From there we crossed over to the right bank and window shopped our way up to the Marais and its boutiques. More jewelry for Hol, some clothes for both of us. Another couple of hours of shopping and we were hungry again. Which was perfect because we were close to one of my old haunts – featuring the best Mexican food in Paris – La Perla. I know it sounds crazy, but it really is good Mexican, and it really is a cool bar.

Anyway, more shopping in the Marais (we’re going back tomorrow to finish what we started) and a significant detour through a show, called T-mode, of 95 up-and-coming jewelry and clothing designers all gathered under one roof. [Flyer here. Difficult-to-navigate-and-significantly-less-cool-than-the-show website here. – Ed.] I had a great time having an almost tri-lingual conversation with a really nice couple – one of the designers (a Brazillian ex-pat) and her French husband – while Holly shopped the wife’s booth.

So, after we looped past the Centre Pompidou, the Hôtel de Ville, and back past Notre Dame, then across the river, we ended up sitting down for a nightcap and a selection of fromages and now we’re back. I'm writing and Holly’s leaning out our window taking pictures; left (at the top of the post), right, and straight across, where there’s a cinema playing, Ne touchez pas la hache.

A bientôt.

[Oops. I forgot to play WiPaHaC?. So, instead, we’ll play: What is Holly looking at?Ed.]

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