Saturday, May 19, 2007

Saturday in Paris...

Looks like the photo above. Everywhere. Particularly on a beautiful day such as today was. The streets were teeming with people. The day goes roughly like this: eat, shop, eat, shop, stroll, drink, drink, stroll, eat, drink, stroll home. At least that’s how I think ours went. [Note: I believe there are two or three new pieces from the Self-Portrait Series in the above mass of photo links. – Ed.]

Of note:
Brunch at TheStudio a restaurant in a (the?) ‘Terrasse sur Cour Classée du 17eme Siecle” a courtyard in the middle of a dance school in a 17th Century building which surrounds a 17th Century courtyard. Through the French windows which opened onto the courtyard from all sides, we could see and hear classes going on all around us; one side had ballet on the second floor, on the opposite side what sounded like African dance and on the ground floor a flamenco class. Somehow the piano of the ballet class, the pounding drums of the African class and what sounded something like the Gipsy Kings (and the pounding feet) of the flamenco class managed not to be caucophonous but pretty damn cool. We both wished we could have captured the sounds of the courtyard.

A German store called Dom. The site does not do it justice – imagine an über-hip Spencer’s crossed with a nightclub. And if that doesn’t sound cool, just trust me, it was cool.

Dinner at L’altro. We’ve really enjoyed just wandering to ‘discover’ where we’ll eat each meal – we have yet to be disappointed. Tonight was no different. We found our way to this fantastic, hip little contemporary-Italian place on the rue du Dragon. We sat at table Nº 01 in the open front and enjoyed a great dinner after another long day. Awesome.

Okay, that’s all I can do tonight. À bientôt.

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