Thursday, June 7, 2007

Blogged Out

I’ve been working the past couple of days on our company blog – we're aiming to go live with it by the middle of next week. So, there's been a lot of work getting ramped up to launch – if for no other reason than there are more people involved. [We answer to no one here at WTF. – Ed.]
It’s also been a challenge as I decided to use TypePad® and there’s been a bit of a frustrating learning curve. My experience has been that it’s not nearly as user-friendly or intuitive as Blogger. [I’m still not convinced that I should have been convinced by TypePad's 'premier blogging service for professionals' claim. – Ed.] But, it’s been named, its custom header has been designed, innaugural posts have been written, images have been uploaded, links have been linked and the feed is ready to be burned.

And, I’m a bit blogged out. I’ll see you tomorrow.

The cartoon is by the brilliant Hugh MacLeod. All of his cartoons are available to view (and download, link, etc.) on his blog, gapingvoid: "cartoons drawn on the back of business cards". Direct link to the cartoon archive.

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