Tuesday, June 12, 2007

All My Content Are Belong to Google.

Kee-rist! What can't Google do now? I've just finished importing then editing and adding links to a Word doc in the new Google Docs. The photos on this (Google owned) Blogger blog have just been instantly uploaded into (Google owned) Picassa. I've also finally switched the email addresses for all my personal online accounts to my Google Gmail address. And, as I've blogged previously, I've got mad love for Google Maps and Google Earth. All this and more (much more) is accessible [With the current exception of Google Earth. But I know they're working on it. – Ed.] and relatively organized for me on my iGoogle home page.

I'm telling you this company is going places. Is it too late to buy low? I don't know. Why don't I take a look at Google Finance?

Look for the Google Docs edited 'white paper' alluded to above to be posted soon.

[And for those of you for whom the headline reference is lost. Read. Then watch. – Ed.]

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