Tuesday, June 5, 2007

What I’m listening to. – Shuffle Edition.

I walked in feeling bold this morning. And, feeling like I buy so much damn music that, with few exceptions, it seems I’m rarely listening to something once I’ve moved on to the latest purchase. So, I opened up iTunes and did something I haven’t done in a long time – I clicked the ‘shuffle’ button. Then I clicked ‘play’. With over 6000 songs constituting 17.5 days of non-stop listening I was bound to get an eclectic and intriguing mix. I was not dissapointed. Right out of the gate I was digging the crate digging that iTunes was doing for me.

The first ten tracks:

Badge – Cream. Fantastic! I probably hadn’t listened to this in years. It’s un-f*cking-touchable! Reminds me of the ‘cool’ English teacher I had in high school that had us analyze and interpret rock lyrics – crafty bastard.

O.P.P. – Naughty by Nature. How can I explain it?

(I’m Gonna) Kick You Out – Caesars. This track and the better-known, Jerk It Out are both glittery, jittery pop-rock gems from these Swedes that reverentially referrence classic Merseybeat.

Accidental Mambo – Mambo All Stars. El ritmo latino! A solid part of my collection.

Am I FreeWax Tailor. Purchased the album, Tales of the Forgotten Melodies based on a recommendation by the iTunes Store. And it did wonders for the trust I have in the recommends I get from iTunes. Really great album of cinematic trip-hoppy goodness from this French producer. I highly recommend it. And, it looks like he’s got a new one out.

I Changed My Mind (Stereo MC’s Rattlesnake Mix) – Lyrics Born. Callin’ Out was one of those pieces of music that you hear over at someone’s house (or in this case, my brother, Diego’s car) and just mentally lose it – I remember being out of my head over how off-the-fookin’ (Fill in the blank with a noun on which something can be draped, hung or attached) I thought the beat and Lyrics’ flow were. The whole album, Later That Day... and it’s remix album, Same !@#$ Different Day, are musts if you truly love hip-hop. The vid for I Change My Mind is here. I’m not sure what mix it is, but IMO it’ not as good as the SMC’s mix. Great vid tho!

It Feels So Good – Sonique. Sexy, ethereal house cut from ’98. Not sure where I first heard this, as I had stopped going to clubs at this point. I didn’t realize until looking for a link for this posting that Sonique was part of S-Express – Brit acid house crew and one of my late-’80s favorites. Here’s the vid for Theme from S-Express. Drop that ghetto blaster!

Angels Go Bald: Too – Howie B. Big Beat badassery from back in the day. On the exceptional compilation, Monster Breaks.

Let’s Get It On – Marvin Gaye. Pure, unadulterated genius. Complete and absolute. I'm not even gonna ruin it by linking to anything.

El Presidente (Radio) – DJ Honda & Jeru The Damaja. I think my sister, Andrea, turned me on to this. Dark and spare, with a foreboding piano loop and big, uncomplicated beats. Honda provides the perfect backdrop for Jeru’s flow. There’s a certain... elegance to it. Oh, and I think it’s using Castro as a metaphor for either Honda or Jeru or both.

Oh, shit! You’re getting a bonus cut. There’s no way I’d leave off what just came on.

Terminator X To The Edge of Panic – Public Enemy. It’s a shame that Flavor of Love could taint even slightly the greatness that was PE. [Full Disclosure: I have not seen a single episode of FoL. But I get the idea. – Ed.]

That’s it. For now. Go listen to some music.

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