Saturday, June 23, 2007

TV: Flight of the Conchords

HBO's other new Sunday night (9:30 C) show is an alterna-sitcom about two musical comedians (or comedic musicians) from New Zealand living in NYC and trying to get their band, the titular FotC, off the ground as it were. Supported by a great ensemble cast of nobody's [My favorite, their lone fan the hilarious Mel. Or as their manager refers to her, their 'fan base'. – Ed.], this is a cool, quirky, little show. I caught the first episode twice and found it clever, absurd, often subtle, and funny throughout. I actually liked it better the second time. The whole Sunday night lineup is still absolutely worth catching.

You can check out the first episode for yourself. Or, read the reviews. Or just check out one of the songs (in a musical-esque way, they ocasionally break into narrative song) from the first episode, Part-Time Model.

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