Saturday, June 2, 2007

The Weekends Are Made For...

Not getting my sh*t together and blogging something of substance. Which is why you’re looking at picture of Loverboy – they recorded a song that had the word, 'weekend' in the title. It’s a simple as that.

[BTW: Their 1981 hit album, Get Lucky – which contained the song alluded to above, Working for the Weekend – was the only piece of music I ever purchased which I then later, when I’d moved wholeheartedly into my goth/punk phase, purposefully destroyed. And then much later, when my sense of post-modern, ironic appreciation had more fully developed, regretted having destroyed. – Ed.]

And, while I was thinking about the weekend and since I (sort of) have locked up. I thought I'd check out what’s happening with the weekend – and Saturday is a real missed opportunity – someone should snap that up – if it really is free. And, Sunday’s just a bit of a weird surprise. This is the best we can do for the Saturday and Sunday domains? Unimpressed, I started the weekend early and checked Again, a real wasted opportunity. It looks like something might be going on – but it’s not.

It’s only when I looked at – clearly named by someone with similar sensibilities with regard to day-based domain nomenclature – that somebody was finally doing something with the weekend.

Next Week: Monday and Tuesday.

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