Tuesday, June 12, 2007

And, by the way...

Under any other circumstances, this post might have been titled, "And now for something completely different." but, things being what they are and the Sopranos finale adding momentum to Journey's early-80s bittersweet power ballad of hope’s snowballing comeback, I went with "&BTW".

Enjoy. [May not run in SnapShots window. If not, click. – Ed.]

Heaven is defined a moose!

[I do realize, this will be old news for some. – Ed.]


hafiz said...

Hey man,

Finally wandered over to your site. Love it... Congrats on the wedding and I hope life is treating you well. Heaven is a defined moose indeed.

Chris said...

Welcome. Thanx for coming. And congratulations to you on your recent nuptials. (That sounds dirty.)

Hope to 'see' you back here.