Thursday, June 21, 2007

Uber-Exclusivity Is the New Exclusivity

British site 20ltd is a curated collection of twenty extremely limited edition, beautifully designed, luxury items that, according to the site, are available nowhere else in the world but from the 20ltd site. It's where I first saw the Confederate Hellcat Combat from the previous post. Peruse it as you would a gallery or museum – it's worth the visit.

Another site that curates modern objéts, Charles & Marie, is only marginally less 'uber' in its exclusitity. Many of their offerings are slightly more practical Рand attainable Рranging from limited edition designer coffee mugs to a Tobias Wong rubber encased crystal chandelier. Their site offers some pieces on a limited time basis to anyone who registers to be informed by email and others only to a select invitation-only group of individuals.

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