Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Must See (Bud) TV – Swear Jar

Swear Jar is hilarious, brilliant and possibly the only good thing to come out of bud.TV. So far. Maybe there’s hope for it yet. F*cking watch it. [Thanx to Terry for the tip. – Ed.]


COCO said...

It is hilarious! I actually work for those guys and I swear it gets funnier every time I watch it! There is a lot of great stuff on the site!

Chris said...

By 'those guys', do you mean DDB? Or are you speaking more figuratively – saying you work with people like those in the video? Or both?

If it's the former or the latter, I'd love to hear more about what 'you guys' have planned. ; )

If its the middle meaining, I'd like to f*cking work with those f*cking d**chebg motherf*ckers too. F*ckin' ey.