Saturday, October 25, 2008

Tokyo, Day 2. (Or Day 3, Depending On How You're Counting)

A quick post about yesterday in Ginza before we head out for Shibuya and Harajuku today.

So, we finally took the subway. Three stops, but a good introduction to the system. (Even in "English" it took two of us to figure out how to buy and use a ticket.) We rode from the stop in the basement of our hotel, Mitsukoshimae, to Ginza on the yellow Ginza line. (PDF of metro system.)

We spent a long day wandering Ginza's main thoroughfares and back streets. We stopped in the newest Muji store. I look forward to the day when Muji brings its well-designed "generics" (clothes, home goods, furnishings, etc.) to the States. While we were tempted by much, I left with only a book of the contemporary design of Kenya Hara published by Japanese design magazine, Idea.

Hol ended up sating her fix to buy something at the Hakuhinkan Toy Park – sort of a Japanese Toys'R'Us. She left with the "Prairie Green" solar-powered bobble head stress-reliever, Nohohon Zoku.

At some point, we stopped for lunch at Negishi , a small restaurant on a side street – that we later realized was part of a chain – where we tried the "grated Yamato (glutinous) yam" dish, Tororo.

Okay, got to go. More later.

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