Sunday, October 19, 2008

Race And The Race Redux (And Some Other Stuff)

Please, watch AFL-CIO Secretary Treasurer Richard Trumka's powerful and moving speech decrying racism and passionately beseeching the audience to vote for Obama at the United Steelworkers convention July 1, 2008.

And, since you're here, watch Colin Powell's compelling endorsement of Obama on Meet The Press this morning.

Also, this may be the last post until Tokyo. If I'm doing my time zone math right, the first Tokyo post will probably show up on the 24th. Regardless, I'm going to treat Tokyo as detox for this nasty habit I've picked up and this is almost certainly the last election post. That is, until I fall off the wagon for a few days on the 1st. In the interim, if you need a fix I highly recommend the following:

In no particular order and by no means comprehensive – just good places to start. Explore.

Electoral Vote/Stat Tracking/News Aggregators

The Daily Beast

Prediction Market

Rational Conservative Writing
The American Conservative

Finally, many thanks to Strom for the Richard Trumka vid.

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Andrea said...

Colin Powell has redeemed himself, good for him to keep it real, much as my new politcal brother has. You are making me look bad. love you so much, dre