Sunday, October 12, 2008

Race And The Race

Smart, funny Jay Smooth ("the hardest blogging man in Hip-Hop" according to Wired magazine) of Ill Doctrine has some sound advice on dealing with Racism and those who may (or many not) be racists. Very much worth watching as I imagine we're stuck with cretins like this for good.

And, Kite Runner author, Khaled Hosseini weighs in on the subject in the Washington Post .

UPDATE: From the NYTDo Polls Lie About Race? examines the role race may – or may not – play in polling. I'm hoping we're in for a Reverse Bradley (ifyouknowwhutI'msayin).

UPDATE 2: The best thing McCain has done or said in months. However, it may be too little, too late as it seems clear he's now lost control of his party and his supporters.


Andrea said...

good reminder when all i want to do is get nasty with cretins.

Chris said...

Was Getting Nasty With Cretins (which sounds pretty d*mn nasty) part of your International Conflict Resolution studies?