Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Control Issues

Control, is the Anton Corbijn directed biopic about Ian Curtis the tormented lead singer of massively influential late-70's post-punk band Joy Division who committed suicide at 23. It's been called the "the somber B-side to (24 Hour Party People)"

Since I'm a fan of everything mentioned above – save suicide at 23 – I'm eagerly looking forward to it's U.S. release. Corbijn's eye is unfailing and the music was an integral part of the soundtrack to an angsty youth.

Should be fun for the whole family!

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Sanity said...

Can't wait.

Side note: I get a kick out of some of the authentication codes that the blog uses.

This entry was thpwozya. Makes me want to supply a definition but I am too busy.

Sanity said...

Oh and speaking of movie releases. The Blade Runner - The Final Cut is being released as well. This version is how "Ridley Scott envisioned it" with a significantly different ending than previously released.