Friday, October 5, 2007

"Listen! Do You Smell That?"*

I don't think it's teen spirit.

At 50, Siouxsie Sioux is finally set to release her solo debut Mantaray. The fantastic first single Into a Swan is a demonstration of the beguiling goth goddess's aesthetic and sound without which there'd likely be no Shirley Manson and certainly no Allison Goldfrapp. [Although it must be noted that the Into a Swan video seems to owe at least some small debt to Goldfrapp's Strict Machine vid. – Ed.]

And The Hives are back with a new great new track/video, Tick Tick Boom, that doesn't really blaze any new sonic trails for them, but is blazing nonetheless. The video seem to have been inspired by Ron Mueck's hyper-real giants.

*Name that movie.


Sanity said...

Ghostbusters, in the library, with the candle stick.

Travis said...