Saturday, September 15, 2007

We Now Resume Our (Ir)Regular Programming

Thanx for your patience.

So, it's been three weeks since I woke up with the mysterious blind spots [See: Please Stand By Ed.]. After a fast-tracked journey (aided significantly by a succession of great doctors) and a series of tests that covered the gamut (A range held down at one end by, I sh*t you not, "how many fingers am I holding up") to discover the 'what' and the 'why', we're on the cusp of a confirmed diagnosis. I say confimred, because Friday's test, a lumbar puncture – commonly, 'spinal tap' – should erase any doubt about the informal diagnosis that has been suggested almost since I took the first test. Multiple Sclerosis.

So, one mystery seems to have been solved but the answer, MS, is itself a bit of a mystery. Even with a diagnosis it's almost impossible to get an accurate prognosis – it's sort of a 'wait and see' disease that follows a few different paths.

Now, in case anyone wants to get all dramatic and overwrought about the news, please know that myself (and Hol) made our peace with the diagnosis almost as soon as it was suggested and are doing just fine at this point. We're ready to take it as it comes. The prognosis does get a boost by the early (within 3 months) catch – so we've got that going for us.

I've learned a lot about the disease in the past three weeks and have a lot more to learn. I will probably share some of it in the coming weeks. So, I apologize in advance, but there's a distinct posibility that WTF will skew 'MSy' for a bit. But, I'm hopeful that it won't define WTF and I'm hopeful it won't define me.

A few things worth noting:
1. We won't have a confirmed diagnosis until next week, but we're 90 - 95% certain.
2. Aside from the likely MS diagnosis, I'm strong like bull. Blood pressure, heartrate, vision, blood work etc., etc. are all
3. If you're like me, the terms 'lumbar puncture' and 'spinal tap' conjur sensations and expectations of something akin to medieval torture. However, I'm pleased and relieved to report that an 'LP' is not significantly worse than having blood drawn. Go get one today!
4. I certainly have no expectations that any of you learn more or 'do someting'. But, if you're compelled to there's a new button over on the left, for, that would be a good place to start.


dave+sarah said...

thinking about you both and here to support however we can. sending karma and whatever else we can offer your way.

Love, Sarah, Dave, Tuk + Ogi

Chris said...

Thanx you two. I – we – appreciate it.