Friday, May 22, 2009

A Sorry State of Affairs

Apologize [from The Unreasonable Triptych] » 20"x30"

I'd managed to work out one set of demons with Doomed when immediately another crept in. In starting to work on a third piece, I realized I was already starting to think about this new creative endeavor like a marketer – something I decidedly do not want to. At least not yet.

Apologize, is admittedly the most contrived in that I'd begun to think of the "King" featured in the previous two pieces as a "brand". A nagging – and slightly annoying – vestige of my recently exited career. So to exorcise that demon (or at least to placate it), I decided to face it, to embrace it, and give the "King" his own piece (ultimately the centerpiece). As for expressing regrets, I'm not sure who deserves the apology. Or why exactly.

Having at least temporarily subdued the notion of creating to create "product", what I found was that there were creative tropes of marketing consumer goods that when mutated and obscured a bit (or possibly beyond recognition) were actually liberating. Embracing this notion early has serendipitously proven invaluable in developing an evolving vernacular that I've continued mix and remix in subsequent pieces.

Anyway, the first three pieces weren't really intended to be a triptych but retroactively organized as such. That the individual declarations formed a somehow disconcerting directive when combined confirmed the decision.

The Unreasonable Triptych] » 60"x30"


While, I'm pretty sure writing a blog means never (or is it "always"?) having to say you're sorry, here's a different apology: I realize that for some of my limited readership, the new direction of WTF may be a bit tedious. A bit too self-serving. Sorry.

I wasn't really doing much with WTF anyway and my Twitter feed is better suited to post the cool/funny/clever/arty videos I'd been posting here (Join Twitter people. I'll be more than happy to discuss how to get the most out of it – with very little effort on your part.)

So, for the foreseeable future, this is what's going to happen here. I'm going to post stuff I've been designing and talk about it. These first tentative efforts may seem a bit awkward – they certainly feel awkward – and not particularly "artful" but you're seeing a process – not a product. I'm hoping that over time I demonstrate progress and growth in both the visual and verbal efforts here. But, you'll have to wait and see. Or not.

Next: Curiouser and curioser...


Hafiz said...

Very cool stuff... your posts on Twitter... tweets (I hate that word) are great. So I think it's cool you're using WTF for design work. The longer format allows you to explore/critque/discuss things in depth.

Chris said...

Thanks for the kind words Hafiz. The input is greatly appreciated. Please, don't hesitate to critique/discuss at will. I'm hoping there is an evident evolution as I keep working/sharing.

dj slow said...

Definitely waiting to see - your recent posts might feel a "bit too self-serving" to you, but from my perspective it serves as a discussion of the creative process. The blurred boundary between "commercial" and "art" is also an insight that has me intrigued, never having been paid for creativity. And to be honest, knowing you're working on art has me clicking on the fresh WTF e-mails post-haste to see what's new, whereas before I may have lagged a little.....

In short, like MJ said, "Don't stop 'til you get enough"!

sdd said...

love. i'm inspired.
now, can you help me twit or is it...?

Chris said...

More "thanks!"for sdd and dj slow. Any and all input is appreciated. Very encouraging. I've got a backlog, so there going to keep coming. The one blip in the process is going to be when I move – yes, move – the art postings to a whole new venue (site, service and URL). Should happen in the next couple of weeks and I promise I'll make it as painless as possible.

SDD I'll hook up with you to help you get your tweet on.

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