Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Learning Japanese, I Think We're Learning Japanese...

I really think so.

NOTE/WARNING: Some may find the above video offensive – you may want to put on headphones. Particularly if you're at work. While the WTF does not endorse bad stuff – like hate, or evil, or lime deposits on tile, or transfat – we found the above video f*cking tear-inducingly hilarious in 2000 and though we've matured somewhat over the intervening years, we still find it pretty d*mn f*cking funny in 2008. We apologize in perpetuity for any sensibilities which may be offended or simply put out.

Hol and I are two days into our RosettaStone Japanese 1 course. We're sure not to go thirsty – as I can now say (as opposed to ask for which I'm sure has got be in the lesson plan) water, coffee, juice, and tea. And, I can get us a piece of bread and a newspaper. So, we've got that going for us. Oh, and if we need to swim, cook or run we're covered as well.

[A video FYI for anyone on whom the reference in the headline to this post was lost... or, anyone who'd simply like to briefly revisit 1980.]

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