Monday, August 25, 2008

End of Summer Blowout!

I've been doing a little housekeeping here at WTF that reflects my renewed engagement in all things Web (and in preparation to blog our Tokyo trip!).

Most of the action continues to be over there in the left column.

On Friday, I added my tweet feed.

And, today, I've made a couple of changes:

I removed the Hype Machine widget on the left (though I encourage you to visit yourself for the latest in blog buzz music).

In the vacant real estate over there, I've moved in my "shared items" widget from my Google Reader. It displays the last five items I've selected to share from the dozen or so feeds I read each day with a link at the bottom to all my shared feed items. Check it out, I think you'll find it (like the tweets) a engaging complement to WTF*.

*Or, you may end up agreeing with the dude on the right up there.
Cartoon ©Hugh MacLeod.

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