Sunday, June 8, 2008

"So good, so far?"

About midway through our CHI weekend our very friendly and attentive ESL waitress at Puck's in the MCA uttered the headline of this post. And indeed the weekend had been so good, so far. The Seed Conference was thought-provoking and inspirational. The Koons show we had just taken in was fantastic and extraordinary.

I'd only ramble if I started a post about Seed (the speakers provided sooo much to think about) , but I will give you this: if you're interested in wine and/or the power of self branding you need to check out Gary Vaynerchuk and his Wine Library TV. He was unexpected, impassioned and hilarious and possibly the high point of the conference.

Also of note, was the truly remarkable dinner we had at Japonais on Thursday night.

There was one clear highlight however. It was when our Puck's waitress asked us at toward the end of our lunch, "Did you make room for lunch dessert?" If you don't think that's hilarious – we did – I can't help you. [Of course, it would help if I told the story right. – Ed.]

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