Thursday, August 2, 2007

In Favor of Favoriting?

Speaking of neologisms, my mom (a logophile if ever there was one) recently noted that she'd just learned that to favorite is a conjugable verb; noting the use of "Favorited" on YouTube.

in the digital age is many things, it is a bookmark, an endorsement, a tracking device and one's self-elected membership in whatever micro-culture is being defined by those favoriting a given piece of content. The prefered Web icon of favoriting seems to be the heart – the icon of "love" – a pretty powerful commitment. Favoriting seems closer to a "thumbs up".

It was, and probably still is – a great source of consternation for my two youngest siblings, Andrew and Andrea, that I could not, would not, identify a "favorite" in any category of "things" – movies, food, pets, seasons, music genres, etc – I couldn't do it. I'm not sure what the root of the issue is. But, for what it's worth, I do know that I appreciate something as long as it's "good" at what it's trying to be. And because there are so many examples in any given category that fit this very inclusive filter, it's difficult – near impossible – for me to elevate one to the exclusion of others.

However, I'm not above asking what others' favorites may be. So, in the interest of trying out the new Blogger Polls feature, I'll be posting a poll asking what your favorite something is. Look for it over on the left in the next couple of days and favorite something. Maybe by next election we'll be favoriting our President into office.

What does the fractal up top have to do with this? I found it astounding that out of all of these, someone managed to choose a favorite – the one up top – which is currently the first image returned when one googles images for "favorite". [BTW, that's not the one I would pick. – Ed.]

Image ©1995 Clint Sprott, University of Wisconsin – Madison

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Sanity said...

Of course, Favoriting doesn't really imply mutual exclusivity as it usually does in conversation. You can Favorite more than one movie but if I ask which one is your favorite I am asking you to just choose one. The great thing about all mechanisms enabling user rated content is that you get the Communal Favorite and unleashes one of the greatest powers of the internet in our current technology.