Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Slicing Up Eyeballs (and Eardrums): 04.17.07

More of a list than a feature really. A weekly list of what I'm doing with my eyes and ears (and thumbs?). It is by no means a comprehensive list – just of the moment. It's also probably worth noting that with few exceptions this isn't where I'll post web-based content that I'm consuming. We'll see how it evolves. Here goes:

Wired. Apr.2007. Recommended: The See-Through CEO.
Rolling Stone. Issue 1024, April 19, 2007 Recommended: Matt Taibbi's piece, Cheney's Nemesis. Taibbi continues to wow me. There's no replacement for HST nor is there a substitute for PJO'R but like those two giants Taibbi's got giant balls and he knows how to use 'em. (The Pen x Matt Taibbi's Giant Balls > The Sword)

• Re-reading Snow Crash. Neal Stephenson's seminal 1992 'cyberpunk' novel. Muhfuhkuh was prescient!
The Road. Cormac McCarthy. I'm a big fan of McCarthy. I think I've read everything he's written. Got this in hardcover the day it was released but in light of Oprah's recent endorsement wanted to post to strongly suggest to those that might be put off by said endorsement that they should read it. You should read it and be afraid. Seriously. A compelling and mesmerizing, brutally dystopian nightmare.

• As a sort of prelude to our Paris honeymoon, Hol and I went to see Avenue Montaingne on a whim. A sweet, appetite-whetting confection.
• On the completely opposite end of the cinematic spectrum, I finally watched Children of Men. Not unlike The Road in many respects. This is another powerful, gripping dystopic vision.

• LCD Soundsystem – Sound of Silver. Can't wait to sing North American Scum at the top of my lung [sic] when we're in Paris: "I hate the feeling when you're looking at me that way – cause we're North Americans!".
The Good, The Bad and The Queen's eponymous release is still in heavy rotation. A case could be made that it could have been a Gorillaz album. But what's in a name? It's still another gem from the prolific Damon Albarn. Herculean is the cut I can't get out of my head.
• The lastest from Kings of Leon – Because of the Times. Their debut will never be anything less than 'momentous' for me – influenced by the 'awe of discovery' I felt when I first heard them. But, this, their third album, only adds to the dilema should one be forced to choose a favorite.

• It's Tuesday! Sanjaya must go!
The Office and 30 Rock. If you're not – do.

Video Games:
I'm not playing anything at the moment. After finishing the phenomenal Gears of War, I had a brief dalliance with whatever the last Tomb Raider was (it's that unmemorable) but am currently biding my time waiting for the deluge of greatness that is coming. Check back next week for more on this topic.

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