Friday, April 27, 2007

Clients! Part 2.

Looks like we've got a theme going here to close out the week.

Today from's Small Agency Diary blog – this piece that suggests a solution should you have one or all (or all-in-one) of the 8 Types as a client. The author asks,

"...what happens when the client doesn't want to be led?".

This is a question we're always wrestling with. In the ad/mktg biz there's a tendency by a great number of clients to receive your informed and considered professional opinion as something more like a suggestion if not outright harebrained buffoonery. The author's solution? Fire 'em.

If you haven't guessed – I had a client this week who was havin' none of it.

Oh, and sometimes it is harebrained buffoonery. But, as they say: The exception proves the rule.

Movin' on!

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