Thursday, July 5, 2007

Peep This.

HBO's Voyeur 'project' appears to be a multi-media/ARG-ish 'look' [sorry] at voyeurism through your eyes and into many, many windows. I've only watched a very small part of what's going at, a site that puts you high above the streets of NYC with lines of site into countless windows, and found it absolutely mesmerizing, bewildering and a little disconcerting. There's a sister blog, that helps the peeping Toms and Tinas get a better handle on what, if anything (other than the indulgence of the audience's voyeuristic tendencies), is going on.

[NOTE: The soundtrack is by Clint Mansell of the late(?), great, visonary British group, Pop Will Eat Itself and more recently the composer of the stunning Requiem For A Dream score. – Ed.]

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