Monday, May 25, 2009

We Are Moving!

Yes, we're moving. Actually, on Tuesday, May 26, WTF will go quiet and I will begin blogging in a new location with a new name:

With the new, more focused direction being taken here, I felt it was a good time to rethink the venue. So, I found a more robust platform (Squarespace, for the curious) that gave me the freedom to craft a more substantial space with a bit more character. I've moved the last three posts over to the new venue, but other than that, it will be a completely fresh start.

There are definitely some significant changes, but I'm hoping that you'll immediately find it welcoming and quickly find it familiar.

Whether you've been following by RSS or email, you'll need to resubscribe (and I sincerely hope you do) but you won't be getting duplicate emails as this is likely the last post here for the foreseeable future.

My deepest thanks for you attention, comments, and support of WTF. I hope you make the move to Wrath66


A couple of notes:

For those few who may be unaware: The title of this post is a line uttered by Billy Ray (Eddie Murphy) in the train scene. It's not in the trailer.

I neglected to import the comments with the last three posts into the new space. Totally bummed me out. But I'm not going back and reformatting the posts. So, my apologies to those who'd commented on the last three posts. The input is greatly appreciated and I hope people continue to share their thoughts at the new space.

Thanks again,

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