Friday, August 3, 2007

Your Lucky Day

Some links to get you through the weekend. Or at least Friday afternoon.

You Make Lovin' Fun, a smoothed out 2005 remix of Fleetwood Mac's classic, by the awesomely named Trailmix. [Via Idolator who slept on it only slightly less than we did. – Ed.]

Watch the furry/BMX mashup video What's A Girl To Do? from UK phenom of the moment, Bat for Lashes. Like Bjork crossed with Donnie Darko and a fat beat.

Here's the trailer for Beowulf, Robert Zemeckis' CGI telling of the epic poem. To really appreciate – or excoriate – the CG, you should watch the trailer in HD. To really appreciate Beowulf, you should (re)read it. This 2001 translation is supposed to be exceptional. And while you're at it, it pick up Grendel, the "beautiful and heartbreaking modern retelling of the Beowulf epic from the point of view of the monster". It's fantastic.

At the moment, I'm reading Suite Fran├žaise. You should too.

File this under, "I Wish I'd Thought of That": A beautifully simple and brilliant concept – a photo series of teddy bears turned inside out. See it and read the interview with the photog @ The Morning News.

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